The Instructors at Karate Academy Sydney have been amazing.  My son loves to train and looks forward to all the extra curricular activities, like karate camps, tournaments and awards night, truly  fantastic!

Rosamaria, Parent

I was having trouble with cardio and breathing and Sensei Jess taught me some focussed breathing exercises. Within no time, I felt like a brand new, fitter person.

Patricia, Student

Sensei Jess, Thank you! 18 months ago my daughter started training with you at Bexley dojo – she was 4.5years old. At that time she hadn’t even heard of karate, let alone been aware of all the benefits of studying this discipline. Hey, I was clueless too. I was simply looking for an alternative to her at home sitting in front of the telly or on an iPad every afternoon. Now aged 6, my girl has confidence, leadership skills, is learning resilience, her coordination, flexibility and strength has improved paramountly and she has a left punch that would make a grown man weep. She has made friends that I’m sure she will have for life, and loves coming to class. Thank you for teaching my daughter how to protect herself, but also what it means to be a decent human being with respect for herself and others. Sensei Jess your class rocks. 

Maria, Parent

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