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As a member of Karate Academy Sydney (K.A.S), you are welcome to use the club in line with these terms and conditions, including the code of conduct.



Arrive on time for classes and personal training sessions

The karate-gi should be kept clean and in good repair

Fingernails/toenails must be kept short

Members must maintain good personal hygiene

Please refrain from swearing in the Dojo

Show respect and considerations for others

No eating or drinking on the matted area of the dojo


Membership commitment: 

12-month rolling membership with a minimum term 25 fortnight, ongoing. 

Your membership begins the first day of training. Upon the anniversary date, a smaller fee will be charged for another year.


Missed and Make-up Classes:

If you or your child misses a class due to sickness only you can schedule a make-up class during the following 2 weeks only and within our regular timetable. 

To claim a missed lesson, you must first advise K.A.S of non-attendance in writing (email or text) before class commencement. 

To redeem a missed lessons you must advise us of the date day you wish to attend to see if there are spots available. (Missed lessons are subject to availability)

Missed Lessons that are not claimed will be forfeited at the end of the 2 weeks from date absent. 


Public Holidays

K.A.S does not conduct classes on Public Holidays. If your training lesson falls on a public holiday you have the option of booking a make up lesson in any of our classes. 



You can freeze your membership for 2 weeks (1-fortnight payment),  each calendar year. Each time freeze must start and end on a direct debit date and must be announced at least 2 week prior to the next billing date via email or text. Should K.A.S be charged any fees or charges from the debtor they will be passed onto you. All memberships will freeze the 2 weeks around Christmas and new year.


Cancellations and Refunds:

Direct debit will be canceled within 7 working days if the student is discontinuing due to medical reasons, in which case a medical certificate stating your incapacity to participate in the course is required. A student discontinuing for other reasons direct debit will cease on the following fortnightly debit. A written request must be submitted with a minimum of 2 weeks advising of the reason for discontinuing (1 fortnightly payment will be charged).


Termination of membership:

Membership will be terminated immediately upon:

Disrespecting instructors or Senpai or anybody else in the dojo

Risky or seriously inappropriate behavior

Threatening or harassing others

Damaging equipment

Using illegal or performance-enhancing drugs

Instructing other members when we have not authorized you to do so.

Using Karate other than self-defense 


Vouchers and Gift Cards 

Vouchers and Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash.

Refunds do not apply to Gift Vouchers, Gift Cards, Gift Products, or purchases made through a rewards platform points system. 


Fees and Charges:

Ongoing memberships are debited each fortnight, from a bank account or credit card.

Passes you will pay in full on the day of purchase. 

On the anniversary of your membership, an annual insurance fee will be debited with notice given via email.

All fees, charges, and GST are included in your membership costs.


Your responsibility:

The account can accept direct debits

The account has enough funds on the payment day and the next 3 days

Notification of transfer or closure of account (48 hours notice required prior) 

Changes to the credit card, such as its expiry date or number, (48 hours notice required prior) 

Notify us and your financial institution if you want to change or stop your direct debits.

 A charge for late or failed payments will incur a $22 Fee. This will be debited from your account.


Our responsibility:

Karate Academy Sydney holds the right to change or remove our terms and conditions. This may also include changing the club’s opening and closing hours, its services and facilities and membership fees. K.A.S will notify all members 14 days in advance of significant changes. We can do this by:

Adding to our website

Email or team notification.

Placing a notice in the club

We reserve the right to increase your fees at any time. 

Contact Details


Unit 8/23 Garema Circuit, Kingsgrove NSW 2208 Sydney Australia


0411 199 735



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09:30 - 20:00

Tuesday - Thursday

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